The Miseducation of Career Development Flashcard Deck

Excerpt from LinkedIn Article,  “The Miseducation of Career Development

“We have failed to educate the minority population on how to not only enter the workforce (or entrepreneurship) but thrive in it and that’s because we segregated the teachings. Career Development isn’t just the foundation, it needs to be presented as the entire building.”

Leveraging the notion of the self-fulfilling prophecy and affirmation, we have designed easy to use development tools that debunk the myths associated with career development while simultaneously raising emotional intelligence with an emphasis on black and brown employees.

Through 22 flash cards, the myths of what career development means, teaches and implies are rebutted with manifestations that empower the employee to take control of their own journey.

As an IO Psychologist, HR professional and Career Development Coach I ask you,

“If not you, then who?”

How you SHOW UP (present yourself), is how you SHOW OUT (perform)!