Parenting is a LOVE-HATE relationship

Parenting is a LOVE-HATE relationship

It's natural to have feelings of disdain, especially for your children. It's natural to feel like you've failed based on the way your kids behave in a moment. It's also natural to accept that you nor your children are perfect and it's okay. You see, this concept of the perfect family is a farce. Something society created to shame you into medicating then labeling your children, ultimately fueling a very unhealthy competition amongst you, other parents and children. A competition that has us lying, cheating and stealing our ways into top tier neighborhoods, clubs and schools.Reality is much simpler than this world. Reality is the place where we accept responsibility for our homes. Where we're accountable for what works and what doesn't. In this text, we'll address the SEVEN lessons that I have learned while parenting that have kept me sane and provided invaluable life advice for my children.

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