Career Development Deck

Career Development Deck

Unlock the power of positive self-talk with our Self-Talk Affirmation Cards. These 33 cards, featuring 25 primary I-statements and 8 bonus affirmations, guide you towards fostering self-esteem, self-care, development, and accountability.

Self-talk is a personal affirmation opportunity, and these cards ensure your positive voice is the loudest you hear. As an IO Psychologist, HR professional, and Career Development Coach, I challenge you: "If not you, then who?" Your self-presentation determines your performance.

These cards empower daily affirmations that cultivate confidence and self-belief. They prompt you to embrace a positive mindset, encouraging authentic self-expression in all aspects of life.

Embrace the journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our Self-Talk Affirmation Cards. Start transforming your self-talk today, and discover how speaking positively to yourself can enhance every area of your life.

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$17.00 per deck

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