Catherine McNeil

As an IO Psychologist and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Catherine McNeil BBA MA , is the Principal Consultant of CHBM Services LLC, a holistic career, employee and workforce development consultancy, and the Executive Director of Disruptive INC! Under Catherine’s leadership, CHBM Services is the primary for profit funder and partner of Disruptive INC; Disruptive INC reduces poverty among single parents between the ages of 18-40 by providing support via career development and related resources. To date, this organizational partnership has hosted over 20 events, touched over 7,500 households, and raised over $75,000 in corporate, financial, and individual support. 

Occupationally she’s worked across a variant of customer service-oriented industries ranging from real estate, transportation and for nearing a decade, as a Talent Development Consultant for one of the largest utilities in the country. This has resulted in impacting the professional growth of an excess of a few thousand individuals, coaching up to 100 entry and professional level individuals and facilitating trainings, courses, or meetings for an excess of 500 individuals in sessions having not exceeded 150 participants. 

Catherine has authored or contributed to SEVEN published personal, professional and leadership development related literary works (available on Amazon) and is the former host of the "Let's Chat!" w/ASKCat Radio Show. She’s been featured in variant publications and as a guest across both local and international airwaves. Her most recent features are replaying on her own podcast streaming across Google Podcast, iTunes, and Spotify. 

To find out more information about Catherine, please contact her via the CHBM Services Website.

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